What?! No BlackBerry!

Tuesday, 16 December 2008 10:23 by kpotvin

When was the last time you were completely disconnected?  And we mean from every form of communication besides that old fashioned one -- live conversation.  No phone, no cell, no BlackBerry, no Internet.  Thanks to the New England ice storm of '08, that was my situation late last week and over the weekend.  At first, there was a lot of scurrying -- driving an hour for Internet access, scouting the area for cell phone coverage.  But then came focus.  Without email checking and phone calls, my brain relaxed and new ideas started pouring in.  Ideas that could help my clients.  Ideas that could help my business.  Ideas that could help my family.  So take a brain sabbatical.  Retreat to a place where your brain is not cluttered by outside interference.  Take a walk in quiet woods, go to the climbing wall, or simply gaze out the window.  Soon you may have a whole new perspective too.  (Believe me, there are better ways to do this than living with no power for five days...and counting.)

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