If Life Doesn’t Give You Enough Sugar, Think Creatively

Saturday, 11 July 2009 13:06 by kpotvin

Today was a good day for making brownies. We were expecting guests this weekend and I also wanted to bring a meal to a neighbor.  Plus I had a brand new brownie recipe I wanted to try.  I was half-way through the recipe when I realized I didn’t have enough sugar.  Now I am the type to always have a stocked pantry so how I ended up without a replacement package is a mystery.  Still, I was ½ a cup short.  A store run was out of the question and, while I did consider asking a neighbor for the proverbial cup of sugar, I dismissed that idea too.  I searched the cabinet for a solution.  Substitute brown sugar?  Throw in some chocolate chips to sweeten the mix?  Then I spotted a box of individual sugar packages left over from a holiday party.  I ripped open the tiny packages – maybe 30 – and added them to my measuring cup.  Success!

The unexpected happens in business too.  Despite good planning you overlook one element needed to complete a project.  Sometimes circumstances change and you have to adjust your direction.  Or maybe your budget got slashed…but you still must deliver a new product.  That’s when you need to be adaptable.   Think about your desired end result, look at your options and brainstorm new ways to get there.  Life may not always give you enough sugar, but if you think creatively, there’s always a way to make delicious brownies.

P.S.  My son said they are the best brownies I ever made.  Here’s the recipe - scroll down for Firehouse Brownies.

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