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The New Fiber Story: Natural Resistant Starch

Recently nearly 100 health care professionals, food manufacturers and others gathered in Philadelphia in conjunction with the American Dietetic Association's FNCE to learn about natural resistant starch and the latest research showing its vital importance to health and wellness. Organized by Oldways, the food issues think tank, and Hi-maizeŽ Resistant Starch, the conference detailed how natural resistant starch is emerging as the new fiber story.

Did You Know?

  Resistant starch occurs naturally in some of your family's favorite foods like bananas, potato salad and beans.

  The Australian Government revised its dietary fiber recommendations to acknowledge resistant starch as a key dietary component vital for good health.

  Hundreds of studies with high amylose corn resistant starch (i.e., Hi-maizeŽ) show surprising glycemic (reduced glycemic response), fermentation (digestive health) and metabolic (weight control, increased insulin sensitivity) benefits.

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